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Wood Elves for Tempest Rising

Posted by Ben Curry on May 10, 2010

I have a great fluffy/themey wood elf list. I have even written some fluff.

Once upon a time there was an Elven princess. She liked shooting but her boyfriend wasn’t allowed a bow because he had to carry a flag. Because of this she liked to take 30 boys with bows with her everywhere she went. She was also frightened of everything in the forest so she needed 5 brave fellows to stand around her at all times.

While the motley crew of 30 boys with bows, 5 brave fellows and guys with a flag and the frightened Princess were on there travels they encountered a Big Tree that told them he was going to war. He had with him a might host of Forest Folk.

The Princess marvelled at how nice this was. She was surprised despite the fact that she had heard of such things in the past, she never thought it would be true. Why would anyone go to war with such a ‘Themed’ force, with total disregard for trying to win the battle. She suggested that they go together because while a Treeman can lead an army everyone knows that a Mighty(timid) Spellweaver such as herself is actually the better general. The Treeman agreed and off the went to battle.

After the fight it seed to the Princess that they had won the day, her dryads had done all the fighting and her boys with bows had hung out at the back to ensure they controlled the battlefield. It was at this point that the enemy informed her that she had lost because her Boys with bows didn’t have any flags, so even though it looked like they had control of the field, they really didn’t.

From that day forwards the boys with bows took flags with them everywhere they went and left the Princess’ Boyfriend wondering why he wasn’t allowed a bow to go with his flag.

There was also an Eagle. Bwaak!

The End.

Lv4 some toys
BSB no toys
10 GG – Banner
10 GG – Banner
10 GG – Banner
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
5 War Dancers
Eagle (BWAAWK)


One Response to “Wood Elves for Tempest Rising”

  1. Fitz said

    Lol, you cock. That should be vaguely amusing.

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